Makerland is a new kind of event organized for everyone interested in getting to know world of makers and hardware, taking place in Warsaw, Poland between 17 and 19 of March, 2014. 3 days of talks and intensive workshops on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, iBeacons, micro-location, robots and everything you can label as 'Internet of things'. Dive into the world of hardware and learn how to build stuff.
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  • Hacking Your Community and Your Career

    Learn how to start your own hackerspace!

    Looking to become involved in your local maker community or start a maker community in your area? Wondering how to use your maker skills to improve your career? In this workshop, you will learn how to leverage your skills as a maker to improve your community and your career while having fun! We will look at successful makers and maker communities to understand how they've found both personal and professional success, then we will analyze your strengths to start creating a plan for your future.

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  • Build Smart Watch with Lilypad

    Make your own smart wearable!

    During Lilypad workshop you will have a chance to create multifunctional smart watch. In few steps you will learn how to make interactive soft circuit and how to use basic controllers to create various function. Our fancy, smart bracelet will manage your time and communicate your busyness. Simple circuit upgrade will let you create even light piano instrument or memory game. Come, and develop your own functionalities!

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  • Bring NAO to life

    Programming a humanoïd robot

    In this workshop, you will discover NAO robot, a state-of-the-art humanoïd robot with 25 degres of freedom, and you'll also get to know Choregraphe, the graphical interface used to create behaviours for the robot. After a small introduction to the software, you'll be able to create your own behaviours and to test them on real robots. The team behind NAO robot will also be there to answer questions and provide help and support if you feel like using their SDKs to go even further.

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  • Think Outside The Bot

    Human Interfaces To Robotic Devices

    In this workshop we will play with some different interactions with robotic devices. From gestural controllers, to hand drawn circuitry, there are many ways that humans can interface with our machines. This workshop will combine the fun Sphero robotic ball, along with many other devices, by using JavaScript with Cylon.js, to give you some new ways to think about the human side of robotics.

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  • Electronic Factory

    Print your own circut board with Cirqoid

    Ever wonder where this awesome printed circut board come from? They are used in almost all electronic products. Today, thanks to machines like Cirqoid, you can do them yourself right on your desk. Cirqoid is a prototyping machine, aimed at electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists. In this workshop station you'll get a chance to see how circut board design is transformed into real, printed board. Creator of Cirqoid will be here to answer your questions and introduce you to the world of PCB.

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  • Bricks & Bots

    Tons of fan with bots and bricks

    During this workshop you will get a chance to learn how to build and program robots with Lego Mindstorms. Build your own arm, robot or car and program it without any programming knowledge or use language you already know as a weapon of choice! Bricks & bots workshop will be part of a bigger creative hacking space with tons of bricks and hardware you can use during the event.

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  • Python, Ruby and Arduino sitting in the tree


    Don't think of Python and Ruby as something you only make websites in. We'll show you how to start with Arduino and communicate with it using your favorite language. Blink the light, check the temperature or detect if someone is trying to break into your home! All this with only few lines of code.

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  • Magic Lights

    Turn the lights by walking into the room

    The workshop project involves using a RaspberryPi and Bluetooth 4.0 for automatically turning on a Philips Hue wireless lamp based on user proximity (using a smartphone or a device like the Fitbit). The workshop will teach participants how to use Node-RED for interacting with Objects/Smart Things. We will learn the basic elements of Node-RED, how to interface with hardware like the Arduino, how to write custom code and how to consume external services using APIs.

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  • Retro Gaming on Raspberry Pi

    Build Classic Video Games with Embedded Hardware

    This workshop uses low cost Raspberry Pis and displays as a platform for building simple, touch-enabled games. For the user interface we will be using a modern UI framework that supports advanced visual effects, but runs extremely well in constrained embedded devices. Kits will be provided with everything you need to build a bare-bones console from scratch. A simple skeleton for the gaming software will be provided, limited only by your imagination!

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  • Tinkering with Arduino

    Your first steps with Italian hardware!

    This tutorial teaches Arduino 101 and let's you make cool stuff using one of the simple and easy to learn programming languages - Python, Javascript (Node.js) and Ruby. In just one hour you will learn everything about Firmata, blink your first diode and pick up a little bit of programming, too!

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  • Build-A-Bot

    Build a 2 wheeled battle-worthy sumobot!

    Learn everything you need to know to build and program a 2 wheeled battle-worthy sumobot! We’ll start by learning about the components that make up a robot, and you’ll assemble your custom bot from an assortment of parts on hand. Next we’ll look into the software side of things and figure out how to make them move. Not a great programmer? No problem! We have options including manual joystick control, a simple drag and drop lego-like programming environment and of course traditional code too. Finally, it’s time to put your bot to the test by battling it out in the sumo arena with other bots or navigating the timed obstacle course!

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  • Solder, Wire, Glue

    Melt and fuse metal to connect things. Always fun!

    Thoughts about using a tool that melt metal can be a little scary, right? Not anymore! After Makerland, soldering things will become your new hobby, we promise. During Solider, Wire, Glue workshop you'll learn all different techniques of building and making things stick. Our workshop leaders will make sure nothing goes wrong and after a half an hour, you won't believe you didn't touch soldering iron before :)

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  • 3D Printers

    Learn to 3D print your models

    Ever wanted to design and create your own toys? With 3D printers it's now possible! On Makerland we will maker one of the biggest gathering of 3D printers there ever was. 3D printing experts will show and teach you how to use and maintain 3D printer and turn your dreamed 3D models into reality. You'll get a chance to use all kinds of different materials and machines, so you can decide what's best for you.

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  • 3D Modeling Made Easy

    Help your imagination become reality!

    Did you ever want to create something out of nothing? To create your own 3D designs or to easily customize the ones made by others. Seek no further, we will guide you through your first steps in 3D modeling. We will show you the basics and some cool tricks so you can start designing your FUTURE! Only thing you need is a laptop with webgl browser and some positive vibe. Be there or be square :)

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  • Hacking Hens' Happiness

    Improve hens' happiness and productivity

    Applying connected technology to improve your Hens' happiness & productivity. Remote laying surveillance to know when you can count your chickens before they've hatched. We will learn how to keep yourselves informed each time a feathery friend drops an "object" on a "nested loop". So which came first? The chicken or the egg?

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  • Thermostat Easy as Pie

    First steps into design thinking

    Have you ever tried to learn how to program advanced thermostat? That is a nice challenge. When it's possible to solve virtually any problem with technology, the real problem is how to adjust this solution to the minds, expectations and habits of people that will use it. During the workshop you will analyze a few design problems with different modern tools like thermostat and similar common interfaces. You will also try to use User Centered Design process combined with some workshop methods to create another Nest.

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  • Dive! Dive! Dive!

    Build an underwater robot

    Ever dreamt about having a mechanical fish or your own submarine? Now it's possible! Build a basic autonomous underwater robot, powered by a small electric motor, that's capable of navigating around a small paddling pool. Infrared sensors are used to provide inputs to an Arduino Nano development board which acts as the brain and controls a couple of servo's linked to a rudder and a dive plane to navigate the robot in the water.

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  • Dancebot

    Build a dancing Arduino-powered 3D-printed robot!

    In this workshop, you'll build a small humanoid robot out of Bitbeam, a open source and 3D printable LEGO Technic-compatible building material. Once we attach some motors and an Arduino brain, you'll teach your new robot to dance. The design is completely open source software and hardware. You'll learn that with a 3D printer, you can make almost any robot part you need. You'll also learn that making a robot is incredible easy thanks to off-the-shelf and low-cost parts such as Arduino and small hobby servos.

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  • Hack Your House

    Make your flat smarter

    Have you ever wanted to live in a house like the Jetsons? We will be taking the first step into this inevitable future in our workshop! You will learn to build a system that notifies you immediately of an unexpected environmental change such as gas in the air or a strange loud noise in your house. We will teach you to make your home smarter by using just an Arduino, some awesome analog and digital sensors, and a set of powerful web APIs.

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  • Dancing Drones

    Control the flying robot

    In this workshop you'll learn about the wonderful world of autonomous flying robots, specifically the AR Drone 2.0 provides a high level API to send commands, read data back and stream video from it's HD camera. We'll start writing basic programs to take off and land, and before you know it you'll be using feedback from a wealth of onboard sensors to perform more impressive maneuvers and behaviours.

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Welcome to Makerland Book!

We are really proud of our amazing workshop leaders who prepared very detailed tutorials for all attendees. In order to say them big THANK YOU and make their effort everlasting we decided to publish ...

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